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Introducing the MusiCurate Guitar Method: A Cross-Genre Introduction to Music

MusiCurate Guitar Method: Book one

Beginner guitar methods have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, typically introducing music with a string-by-string approach at the most difficult part of the guitar:

This is the first string. These are the notes E-F-G. Play them over and over. This is the second string. These are the notes B-C-D. Play them over and over.

It's not a terrible method, but it's lazy pedagogy because it ignores the real strengths of playing a fretted instrument.

Book One of the MusiCurate Guitar Method is meticulously designed to take full advantage of the guitar's natural strengths without forcing you to ignore yours. Establish and strengthen the foundation of your guitar skills while embracing a cross-genre approach that caters to musicians of all backgrounds and preferences. Say goodbye to tedious exercises and hello to a method that gets you picking recognizable songs with ease from the get-go.

Building a Solid Foundation

Unlike traditional guitar methods that can feel dry and overly technical, the MusiCurate Guitar Method understands the importance of keeping students engaged and inspired. With Book One, we prioritize the joy of playing recognizable songs right from the start. We believe that by getting your fingers on the fretboard and playing music you love, you'll develop a deeper connection with the instrument and stay motivated on your learning journey. Say goodbye to dull exercises and hello to the excitement of picking recognizable tunes!

Cross-Genre Learning

At MusiCurate, we celebrate the incredibly diverse musical landscapes of the 21st Century and hundreds of years of guitarists from all over the world who have paved the way for us. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to guitar education. That's why our method embraces a cross-genre learning experience. Whether you have a penchant for rock, folk, blues, classical, or something else entirely, the MusiCurate Guitar Method has you covered. Our carefully curated song selection is designed to provide you with essential skills and techniques applicable to all styles while encouraging you to explore and expand your musical horizons.

Relevant Music Theory

Understanding music theory is a key aspect of becoming a well-rounded musician. With the MusiCurate Guitar Method, you'll delve into cross-genre music theory concepts that provide a solid foundation for your musical understanding. From melodic intervals to harmony and rhythm, you'll gain insights that apply to all genres, helping you become a versatile and adaptable guitarist.

The MusiCurate Guitar Method opens doors to a musical adventure like no other. It's time to let your guitar soar across the musical landscape and embark on a journey of self-expression and musical discovery. Grab your copy today and dive into the ever expanding worlds of diverse multi-genre guitar playing with MusiCurate!

Supplement your learning with the MusiCurate Guitar Chords Workbook

MusiCurate Guitar Chords Workbook

Want to focus specifically on chord playing?

This must-have resource is packed with a treasure trove of chord diagrams and practical tips to help you conquer the world of guitar chords. Whether you're a beginner strummer or an experienced songwriter, this book will be your trusted companion on your musical journey, empowering you to play a vast array of chords with confidence and creativity. So grab your guitar, dive into the world of chords, and watch your musical dreams come to life!

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