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Lyudmyla Heath

L Heath Headshot.JPG

Teaches: Piano, Singing, Theory


BMus (Hons), MMus

With roots in Ukraine and wings that span continents, Lyudmyla’s musical journey found its symphonic heart in South Africa in 2002, when South African missionaries offered to sponsor further musical training at the Joyful Noise Music School in Stellenbosch. 


Lyudmyla’s dedication and talent blossomed as she pursued an Honors degree in Choir Conducting at Stellenbosch University. Guided by the esteemed German choral conductor Martin Berger, her studies were marked my distinction, setting the stage for her future accomplishments. Under the guidance of the Durban-born soprano Lauren Dasappa, Lyudmyla now embarks on a pursuit of a Masters degree in Singing Performance at the very same institution that has witnessed her crescendo. 


With over two decades of experience, Lyudmyla's music has echoed through classrooms and concert halls. She is a passionate educator who has shared her singing, piano, composition and arrangement expertise at High School Stellenbosch. Her conducting baton led the enchanting cadences of the Eikekoor Senior Choir at Eikestad Elementary.


As a former member of the eclectic ZAMAR band, Lyudmyla's music has graced stages across the world, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Seychelles, Namibia, Bavaria and Indonesia. She has collaborated with celebrated South African artists and produced mesmerizing Christmas and Easter music productions.

Now residing with her husband and three boys in Calgary, Lyudmyla continues to share her musical gift, inspiring others with her harmonious spirit and passion for life. Her journey is a melody of exploration and learning, echoing the very essence of music itself.

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