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Watch the welcome video:

Can you relate?!...


  • Feel LOST or in the dark when it comes to learning guitar? Or finding a good resource for your kid who really wants to learn guitar?

  • Can't remember the chords you’ve learned?

  • Frustrated trying to switch from one chord to the next?

  • Struggle with strumming?

  • Can’t seem to learn even a simple song?

  • Want learn useful scales but have no idea where to begin?

  • Spent 100s or even 1000s of $$$ on lessons but still unsatisfied with your progress?

  • Or just needing to try something new to give you joy and help with mental wellness?


After years of helping beginner guitar players feel CONFIDENT on the guitar, I created an online guitar course tailored to beginners. It is an EASY and FUN method to learning guitar without breaking the bank, taking up too much time, or having to be tied down to weekly lessons.

My course will help you (or loved one) achieve your desired guitar goals and dreams!


See below for a course overview and some FREE lesson previews.


“Justin's course is incredibly easy to follow.

It moves at a pace that is just challenging enough without leaving you feeling either overwhelmed or bored.

A great course for all ages!”

– Chuck


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"I have already learned over a dozen chords and feel like I have made some serious progress in my goal of becoming a 6 String Superhero!”

- Richard

“Justin is just a real talented guitarist. He has a genuine passion to help people improve their guitar skills."

– Michelle

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“Thanks a lot. I have been so scared to start what I love most (learning music and guitar). Thank you for the power.”

- Ephraim

“Justin is amazing with his teaching.

Thank you Justin, you rock!”


– Dee


Learn anytime, anywhere.


Progress at your own pace.

Discover 9 training modules, each with multiple bite-sized lessons.

Includes downloadable PDF learning aids!



Download & print!



All the essential topics!





Redeem points for MusiCurate lessons, books and more!

Progressive & Fun!

Course Preview

> Intro to the Course

> Welcome to the Course!

> Module One: Getting Started

> Lesson One: What You Need To Get Started

> Lesson Two: Choosing A Guitar

> Lesson Three: Intonation

> Lesson Four: Parts Of The Guitar

> Lesson Five: Guitar Position

> Lesson Six: Tuning

> Lesson Seven: Importance of Practice

> Lesson Eight: Reading Notes

> Module Two: First Chords

> Module Three: Key of A Chords

> Lesson One: Keys, Chords, and Notes

> Lesson Two: E Minor Chord (Em)

> Lesson Three: Asus2 Chord

> Lesson Four: Dsus2 Chord

> Lesson Five: Chord Progression Exercise

> Lesson Six: Chord Exercise (Strum Pattern #2)

> Lesson Seven: Song Recommendations

> Module Four: Key of D Chords

> Lesson One: A Chord

> Lesson Two: D Chord

> Lesson Three: E Chord

> Lesson Four: Chord Progression Exercise

> Lesson Five: Chord Exercise (Strum Pattern #3)

> Lesson Six: Song Recommendations

> Lesson One: Em7 Chord

> Lesson Two: G Chord

> Lesson Three: A7 Chord

> Lesson Four: Chord Progression Exercise

> Lesson Five: Chord Exercise (Strum Pattern #4)

> Lesson Six: Song Recommendations

> Module Five: Key of G Chords

> Lesson One: What You Need To Get Started

> Lesson Two: Choosing A Guitar

> Lesson One: Em7 Chord (Revisited)

> Lesson Two: Cadd9 Chord

> Lesson Three: C Chord

> Lesson Four: Chord Progression Exercise

> Lesson Five: Chord Exercise (Strum Pattern #5)

> Lesson Six: Song Recommendations

> Module Six: Intro To Major Scales

> Lesson Six: G Major Scale Riffs

> Lesson Seven: Intro to Soloing

> Lesson Eight: Key of G Jam Track

> Lesson One: Significance of Scales

> Lesson Two: Intro to G Major Pentatonic

> Lesson Three: G Major Pentatonic

> Lesson Four: Intro to G Major Scale

> Lesson Five: G Major Scale

> Module Seven: Intro To Minor Scales

> Lesson One: Intro to E Minor Pentatonic

> Lesson Two: E Minor Pentatonic

> Lesson Three: Intro to E Minor Scale

> Lesson Four: E Minor Scale

> Lesson Five: E Minor Scale Riffs

> Lesson Six: Intro to Soloing

> Lesson Seven: Key of E Minor Jam Track

> Lesson Eight: Final Thoughts

> Module Eight: Intro to E Blues

> Lesson One: Significance of the Blues

> Lesson Two: E7 - The "One" Chord

> Lesson Three: A7 - The "Four" Chord

> Lesson Four: B7 - The "Five" Chord

> Lesson Five: E 12 Bar Blues

> Lesson Six: E Blues Shuffle

> Lesson Seven: E 12 Bar Blues with Shuffle

> Lesson Eight: Power Chords

> Module Nine: E Blues Scale

> Lesson One: Significance of the Blues Scale

> Lesson Two: Intro to E Blues Scale

> Lesson Three: E Blues Scale

> Lesson Four: E Blues Scale (12th Position)

> Lesson Five: E Blues Riffs

> Lesson Six: Soloing over the 12 Bar Blues

> Lesson Seven: E Blues Jam Track

> Bonus Lessons

> Lesson One: What You Need To Get Started

> Lesson Two: Choosing A Guitar

> Course Conclusion

> Where To Go From Here

Questions you may have....

> Do I need special talent to learn guitar or knowledge in music already?

Definitely NOT! I have seen people even in their older age with no prior musical training take up guitar for the first time and learn how to play the songs they love. I've also seen kids with non-musical parents use my methods to learn to love playing. My course makes it EASY to learn guitar.

> How do I know this course will benefit me?

Most people give up on something because they have no method and lose motivation. My course is designed to be very methodical but also like taking baby steps. Therefore, it's very easy to follow and succeed at learning guitar.


Other benefits of learning guitar can include: Mental and emotional stress relief to help with anxiety and depression, sense of accomplishment, potential to connect with people more, and overall enrichment of life!

> Is too late for me to learn guitar?

Of course not! It is never too late to learn something new. As mentioned, I have seen anyone from middle age to retirement age learn to enjoy playing guitar. Whether you just got a brand new guitar, or your guitar has been “collecting dust”, now is the time to get going on your guitar goals!

> Does it matter if I have an acoustic or electric guitar?

Either guitar will work. The concepts you learn will set you up for success on either one!


> What if I’m a lefty (strum with left hand and fret with right)?

I have a student who is a lefty that is finding success and the course easy to follow.

> What will I learn exactly?

You will learn how to strum through many open chords used in popular songs, useful strum patterns, easy scales, easy rockin’ riffs, super fun blues concepts, helpful guitar theory, guitar tab, song suggestions, tuning, how to play and sing, and many other tips and tricks. (See the course curriculum above as well).

> What is the time commitment?

The goal is to try and practice guitar about 10mins per day (3-4 times a week). That means you won’t have to sacrifice other important things in life in order to achieve your dream of playing guitar. Most people spend waaaay more time on social media and are left with no good progress for anything!

> How long will it take to complete the course?

Some may get through the course content in a few months or less. Some it may take longer. The main point, though, is that the course will help you on your journey, at whatever pace you go at, to give you the method you need to achieve your guitar goals easier and faster than you would on your own.

> I’m scared my poor little fingers won’t be able to play guitar properly!?

I have had kids as young as 6 years old start to play guitar. It's not about the strength of one's fingers but consistent, bite-size practice, which I'll help you understand.

> I fear this course might be way over my head!?

As seen from various testimonials, students find the course “incredibly easy to follow” yet “challenging and rewarding at the same time!” It's safe to say the course is very simple and a very non-stressful way to learn guitar.

> Is the course worth the price?

The same amount of quality content covered in private lessons would cost hundreds of dollars. You will pay a fraction of the price and still have amazing results! But it's up to you to put in the effort :)

> Wait a minute…can’t I just go on Youtube and watch tutorials for free?

Using Youtube has it's place BUT you have no structure and are just scrambling around for random videos hoping they’ll get you to where you want to go. My course takes away the stress of going it on your own because I give you a "yellow brick road" to help you accomplish your goals.

> Now isn't the right time for me to learn guitar...

When will be the right time? If you continue to hold off, you will most likely never get around to fulfilling your dream of playing guitar confidently. Remember, it's only 10mins on a given day.

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